András Á. Cséfalvay is documenting lives in which relationships, delight of movement, support of the family is much higher appreciated. Lives in which different things are unreachable, faith has different meanings. Different families, different personalities, but the joy in their eyes is common. Photographs of András Á. Cséfalvay are taking us closer in to the intimacy of three families.

Viktória Salgó, art historian

Lili and Emili

Lili and Emili are twins. Emili is healthy, Lili developed cerebral palsy after delivery. Their parents do everything they can to improve Lili’s condition, strengthen her muscles, thus make her be able to sit, crawl, stand and walk on her own.

Lili’s physiotherapists take regular measurements, so that they can follow the development of the states of her muscles
Therapeutic massage


Tomi is an 11-year-old boy diagnosed with xeroderma pigmentosum—a rare incurable genetic disorder, that causes extreme sensitivity to sunlight, and a very sensitive skin prone to developing scars and cancer spontaneously. When he wants to go outdoors during daylight, he has to wear protective clothing and face shield developed by NASA that offers sufficient protection from UV light.

The greathest threat in Tomi’s life is sunlight
During the summer, he can go outside only wearing protective clothing made of fabric originally developed for astronauts, that protects from UV radiation.
Christmas, candle light
At the traditional fair of Simon-Judah in Štúrovo (from Untold Stories I.)
Tomi’s little brother, Sanyi with a paper astronaut figure
Playing with classmates in the schoolyard
Tomi will probably undergo several surgeries, that would probably improve his condition but will not fully cure the disorder


“What is too loud? Only the quiet. The quiet in which one bursts as though in a vacuum.

E. M. Remarque

Instead of words, Réka communicates with her eyes. Due to cerebral palsy she is unable to speak, move independently, and needs her mother’s help in everything. Her thoughts are locked up in her body. She is a very smart and gifted girl, her abilities are excellent compared to her condition. She managed to learn to read and count. Currently, her mom is teaching her at home in various creative ways. In addition to learning, they exercise every day to strengthen Réka’s muscles. With her best friend, Zoé—with whom they have known each other since they were little girls—they are playing board games, painting, and having fun.

She can move independently only using a special frame
Homeschooling. During the pandemic, her mother, Éva teaches her at home
Éva writes an exercise on the whiteboard, then she gradually points to each number. When the right answer is pointed to, Réka sends a signal with her gaze
Éva asks a question about the text Réka has read, then gives her two possible answers. Her left hand symbolizes one, her right hand the other. Réka chooses the one she thinks is the right one with her gaze
Glowing night sky wall of the bedroom
Her friend, Zoé, visits her every week


András Á. Cséfalvay (b. 1987) is a photographer and photojournalist from Dunajská Streda, Slovakia. Over the past few years, he has won several prizes in the Slovak, Czech and Hungarian Press Photo competitions.

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